Get the Perfect Beach Waves with These Tips

Get the Perfect Beach Waves with These Tips

Start your summer off right with the perfect sun-dried beach waves. This timeless summer trend will never go out of style ⁠— right there with flip flops, ice cream cones and pool noodles. Although we would love to wake up with that perfect beachy look, unfortunately reality gets in the way. So bring the beach to you and don’t settle for anything less than perfection with Cortex Beauty’s summer hairstyle tips.

Why Beach Waves?

  • Easy to maintain
  • Imperfect, so it looks casual
  • Flattering for nearly every face shape and hair length

7 Steps to Fabulous Beachy Waves:

#1. Make sure your hair is dry!

Hair needs to be dry, but does not necessarily need to be squeaky clean, believe it or not.

#2. Section Off Your Hair

Beachy waves focus on the bottom part of the hair on the sides and back, along with face framing curls at the very front and top. So…it’s important to section off your hair, so you can deal with the back and sides first and then at the end, work on the front. Clips helps with this or even pulling the very front of your hair into a topknot or pony tail, at least temporarily.

#3. Give It A Little Spray

Keep your hair healthy by spraying some heat protectant before using your heat styling tool. This protects your hair.

#4. Curling Iron or Straightener?

Depending on the type of look you are going for, you can use a curling iron or a flat iron (believe it or not). A curling wand will create a rounded and polished look, while a straightener will give you those ‘S’ shaped waves.  

#5. Start With the Back and Sides

Using your Cortex Beauty curling iron or flat iron either wrap the bottom half of your hair around the barrel of the curling iron or twirl the flat iron. Since you want this look to be naturally wavy, twist your hair in different directions in order to create the “mussed look” and to create some volume. As you release the hair from the style, pull gently at the end of your hair. This will make the end slightly straight, while leaving the rest of the hair wavy.

#6. Focus On the Front

For the front of the hair, start curling or straightening right at the scalp and be sure to twirl your hand towards the back of the head, so your face is framed with these waves.

#7. Texturize & Volumize

After you have styled all of your hair, this is the perfect time to either add textured spray and/or product that will hold your hair through the day or evening without compromising on being sticky or weighing your hair down. Lots of people like the sea salt look, others like a shimmery glitter, still others want volumizing hair spray.

If done right, your beachy waves can be the style of summer. Easy, breezy, casual, but sexy, face-framing and gorgeous ⁠— all at the same time!

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