Easy Halloween Hairstyles

Easy Halloween Hairstyles

Are you stumped for a hairstyle that will complete your Halloween costume? Here's a few easy ideas that can help make you look a little more festive even without a costume, or really top off (😂) your Halloween outfit.

Retro Space Buns

One simple style that can be used with multiple costumes are the space buns (Think Princess Leia only way more modern!).

To create the buns, simply make 2 ponytails on either side of the crown, lightly tease each one and then wind hair down in a spiral creating a bun. Bobby pin and hairspray to hold in place.

This look can be used for a space girl, baby, rockstar, goth girl, and when done in small sections they can even simulate animal ears. Get creative with glitter to make them pop!

3D Do’s

Another way to have fun with your Halloween hairdo is to make 3d sculpture out of it. Using a combination of a bun and hair ponytailed in small sections around pipe cleaners you can make a pretty cute spidery do’!

3d halloween hair

Crafting foam, which can usually be found in the dollar store, can also make for a fun addition to a hairdo, it provides height, shape, and a place to stick some creepy Halloween things! Curl your hair in random sections. Pile curled hair up around some foam and secure in place with hairpins and hairspray to add some real height.

Make it Pop

Let’s talk about fun with color! Once you’ve got your Halloween hairdo in place it’s time to dress it up with some color. Spray on colors and glitters are usually the best option for adding temporary color to your hair and can be found in a multitude of options including different glitter.

Fahrenheit Curling Wand

A word of caution if you have naturally blonde hair or hair that has been lightened artificially, these sprays may stain and not come out in one wash as intended so be sure to test a section if you’re not ready to rock that green hair after Oct. 31!


If you’re looking for something a little more like Cruella or a Tiger King mullet a wig is also a super fun option. The best part about a wig is they come pre-styled, just pop it on and go! Clip in extensions are another great way to create length or volume that you just may not be able to get from your own natural hair.

The rule of thumb when it comes to Halloween hair is that there are no rules! Experiment with different tools and products and have fun with it!

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