Best Summer Hair Hack: Dry Shampoo

Best Summer Hair Hack: Dry Shampoo

With our busy summer schedules, we want to do the most while we can. So, how do you find time to wash your hair? We have the answer: ditch the shampoo!  

To be honest, dry shampoo may be the greatest hair hack of all time. Dry shampoo might be right for you if any of these are true:

  • Sometimes, your busy schedule doesn’t allow daily shampooing, but you’d like your hair to look and smell fresh.
  • Your hair is super thick and/or curly and washing, drying and styling it takes hours.
  • You had a fabulous blowout yesterday and you’ve love to extend it one more day.
  • You’re planning on a camping trip or hike or some sort of vigorous physical activity, but you’ll need to have good looking hair shortly thereafter.
  • If you are ever in any of the above scenarios, you and your hair would enjoy the awesome qualities of dry shampoo.

So, here’s what you need to know about this great hair invention.

Dry Shampoo is Not a New Thing:

Did you know that dry shampoo existed as far back as the 1800’s as a way to style both wigs and natural hair? Oh yes! Powdered wigs were treated with white powder, which lent them their distinctive color, which was in vogue at the time. The powder also blotted out oils and odors.

Dry Shampoo was first introduced in the 20th century under the brand “Minipoo” and one of its early spokespersons was the iconic model Twiggy.

When to Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an in-between fix. It’s not recommended to be your only shampoo. You do need water in your hair to keep it truly clean, roots to ends.

Designed to soak up excess oil and sweat on the scalp, dry shampoo helps to freshen up your hair with a nice, clean scent and adds some volume, too.

Wet hair and dry shampoo don’t mix, so only use dry shampoo when your hair is dry. This may seem obvious, but hey, it’s important to remember.

Applying Dry Shampoo to Your Hair

Dry shampoo is typically white colored (sometimes it is tinted to match hair color). You want to be sure that the product gets applied to the right place, so you don’t have flecks of white product on your head.

Hold the applicator far enough from the head, typically six inches at minimum (and for some products, as much as 10 inches), so you don’t get too much concentrated product on your hair.

Use a light touch. This stuff is pretty powerful and too much is not a good thing. Start by applying small amounts of shampoo and add more. It’s like adding salt to your soup…

Aim the dry shampoo to your roots. We also recommend placing the dry shampoo under the top layer of your hair. This masks the white, but also gets to the sweatiest places close to your scalp. Applying the shampoo below the top layer also adds texture and volume.

Let the dry shampoo just sit for a minute. Don’t touch it or rub it in, but let the product do its work.

Lightly comb the shampoo along the strands of your hair with your fingers. Check to be sure that the product is no longer visible on your hair and scalp. You may also use your hair dryer to set the dry shampoo. Don’t over touch your hair during the application process (see #7).

Hands off! Once you’ve thoroughly applied the shampoo, it’s a hands-off policy. Oil from your hands easily transfers to your hair and your hair is already susceptible to becoming too oily if you’re between wet shampoos.

Dry shampoo is an awesome tool to use between wet shampoos and a great way to extend a fabulous hair style. Want more beauty hacks? Subscribe to our beauty blog for the best tips and tricks!

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